BLACK COW - Item no. 281.10 & 282.10

The Black Cow was the freak accident that came when a friend of ours saw the Avalon & suggested that we should make a vinyl Table.Base as well. It is intended for displaying your musics original album cover artwork - be it on an analog or digital media.

The Black Cow Table.Base is dedicated to hold any size of analog vinyl cover, while the music is spinning on your Turntable. It will also support any standard size CD & BluRay cover, while the disc is in the Player. Obviously the Black Cow comes in a Black Oak version along with the standard Dark Oak version, so that you have the option to go all in on the Black Vinyl!

The wood is re-used solid Oak, that normally would have been thrown away. We chose to give it a second chance, in the name of sustainability!

We hand sand every single piece of RE.BORN wood that leaves the Company, in order to give it that friendly tactile feeling, when you hold it in your hand. Although we want the Black Cow to age with a natural patina from years of service, we still need to seal the wood. The Dark Oak is polished off with a protective mixture of organic & ecological cold-pressed extra fine flaxseed oil & bee wax. This really brings out the Soul of the wood!

The Black Cow is delivered in a fine little box, with a RE.BORN logo embossed on top. The lid is treated with a layer of leather grease, in order to give it lasting darker tone.

HANDMADE IN HORSENS                                                                                                                                                                                        Copyright 2008 by Henrik Christensen Design