Well, in short, RE.BORN is our own furniture line. Which essential is a broad series of Bases, for an ever expanding variety of uses. Spawn from our passion for listening to music. Each of them are designed & made, as sustainable as possible, locally here in Denmark. By a collaboration of Friends, who are true artisans, with a profound love for their Craft.


It all started out in 2015 with the early versions of what was essential to become the Avalon iPad Table.Base. That one quickly spawned the Black Cow Table.Base for vinyl enthusiast. With the Black Cow came the request for a Wall.Base version. Hence the Tara1 vinyl shelf & the India iPad shelf saw the light of day. While we were at it, we added LongPlay versions to the Tara shelf line. Capable of displaying 3 & 5 vinyl covers side by side. Those are how ever only made to order by Clients request as the Tara3 & the Tara5. There are no intentions as to do LongPlay versions of the India Wall.Base!

As of 2Q2019 we started re.working every detail of all of the RE.BORN family, Broadening their usability. Sharpening their appearance. Raising the quality. At the same time we added left-over furniture Oak wood, where it was possible. Making RE.BORN even more sustainable.

For 4Q2019 we introduced the Aja HeadFi.Base, which comes in 2 versions. The Standard version is made from the same left-over Oak wood as the rest of the RE.BORN family. Then there are the Bespoke versions in Brass & Bronze finish, complementing the beautiful products from Bang & Olufsen. Making the Aja truly worth a Connoisseurs desire. More Bespoke versions will be added along the way!

If you like RE.BORN, then please share it with your Friends. If you like one so much that you simply must own it, then go ahead & place your order by e-mail or through one of the listed dealers. We hope that at some point there will be enough time, to design a web shop for all RE.BORN products. Making world wide shopping easier.

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