The RE.FORM products are intended to be the only Balance Boards on the market, that truly focusses on what it means to be standing up at a work desk. What sets RE.FORM apart from the competition is the combination of furniture quality, unique ergonomic features & responsibility towards preserving Mother Earth, by being as sustainable as possible. Every RE.FORM Board is shaped & polished by hand, making each board unique. We have used only the best FSC certified oak from Denmark & modern production methods to provide you with a sustainable & stylish balance board.

The Soft RE.FORM Balance Board is with its felt underside, intended for use on hard floors. The 3 mm. natural wool felt dampens the noise the hard wood would make on a hard surface!

It is high enough to ensure an ergonomic sway, yet low enough so it does not freak out people who are afraid of heights. Compared to its predecessor the Holmris B8 CORE.Board, we have re-designed just about every aspect of the Balance Board. We have perfected the unique Dead center & sharpened the Design by making the edges thinner. We turned from using solid Oak planks to left-over Oak wood block board, making the Board way more rigid & strong. The CORE.Board passed our Dennis test, which ensured it could hold a 230 kg. person. Some 100 kg. more than the competition will guarantee! With the shift to Block Board we are confident, that we can add another 100 kg. onto the Dennis test. We removed the laser engraved logo from the topside & moved it to the less visible underside, giving it at cleaner understated topside.

HANDMADE IN HORSENS                                                                                                                                                                                        Copyright 2008 by Henrik Christensen Design